Fighting Censorship & Disinformation

Build a software solution to help combat the massive disinformation campaign waged by Russia. Any solution that helps distribute verified information or helps with fact checking is encouraged, but it's up to you, the hackers, to find a way to combat disinformation. 

Improving Communication & Infrastructure

Broken communications and infrastructure is plaguing Ukrainians under occupation. Build a software solution that gives or preserves internet connection in occupied areas or enables communication in areas where access to the internet has been cut off. Peer-to-peer mesh networks for shared internet connectivity or for a messaging platform to communicate without internet access are a few examples.

Tokenizing the Economy

Tokenization can enable a more fair, permissionless, and censorship-resistant economy. Any Web3 solution that will help bring Ukraine into the new digital economy and help rebuild broken financial infrastructure is encouraged; such as a Point of Sale mobile application for merchants to more-readily accept cryptocurrency payments or an application for Peer-to-peer lending for local communities.

Raising Funds for Ukrainians

Develop new methods of fundraising for Ukrainians or relevant humanitarian efforts. This could look like a platform for artists to sell works of art to raise funds or even a Web3 protocol that donates interest earned from staked assets. Get creative, anything that puts funds into the hands of Ukrainians and organizations that need them are encouraged.

Bringing Web3 to Ukrainian IT

Create an application for onboarding Ukrainian IT professionals into the Web3 remote working environment. This could be an application to share educational content or for professional networking in Web3; anything that helps IT professionals (or any Ukrainian) to get the skills needed to work in Web3 or find a job will work.

Mentorship & Workshops

Experts in web3, software development, and other areas will be available for office hours and will asyncrhonously answer questions in the Discord. Teams may be assigned to specific mentors that have a particular expertise related to their project.

Workshops will happen live and will be streamed in Discord both leading up to the hackathon and during the hackathon. These workshops will cover topics in web3, software development, cybersecurity, and anything the community wants to learn about. If you have an idea of a workshop topic you'd like to see on the schedule, share your idea with us in the Discord! 

Please feel free to contact our mentors listed below! (the list keeps updating all the time, make sure ot check back regularly)

Hackathon mentors

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